November 24, 2011

Foreign Citizens in Italy (EU and non-EU)


Certification from the registry office:

Citizens belonging to an EU state member who want to reside within the Italian territory for more than 3 months, just have to call for a certificate of residence released from the registry office of the municipality where they belong.

Italian Citizenship:

Italian Citizenship may be granted to the EU citizen who resides in Italy on regular basis from at least 4 years.

The foreign spouse of an Italian citizen may be granted of Italian citizenship after 6 months residing in Italy on regular basis.

The foreign citizen born in Italy and residing in Italy on regular basis until coming on age, gains Italian citizenship if he/she declares the will of gain it, before turning 20.

Italian citizenship may be requested even from the foreign citizen residing in Italy on regular basis from at least 3 years, if he/she has at least one parent or direct ancestor as Italian citizens by birth.

The minimum income required to be granted of the Italian citizenship is the following:

  • Euro 8.263,31 for a single person
  • Euro 11.362,05 in the case of dependent spouse
  • Euro 516,46 for each dependent child

Free movement of persons

Following the adoption of Directive 2004/38/CE, European citizens and their relatives, may move and reside freely within the territory of the Member States, and for stays of less than 3 months, in Italy, it isn't required any formality.

EU Nations

List of nations being part of EU from January 1th, 2007:

01 - Austria     15 - Luxembourg
02 - Belgium     16 - Malta
03 - Bulgaria    17 - The Netherlands
04 - Cyprus      18 - Poland
05 - Denmark     19 - Portugal
06 - Estonia     20 - United Kingdom
07 - Finland     21 - Czech Republic
08 - France      22 - Romania
09 - Germany     23 - Slovakia
10 - Greece      24 - Slovenia
11 - Ireland     25 - Spain
12 - Italy       26 - Sweden
13 - Latvia      27 - Hungary
14 - Lithuania

Social Security Benefits

Following benefits:

  • Sickness and motherhoodbenefits
  • Unemployment allowance
  • Mobility allowance
  • Child benefits
  • Pensions

are granted to all EU citizens.

B) Non-EU Citizens in Italy


If you have a Residence Permit (Permesso di Soggiorno) for employment, self-employed or pending employment, for family reasons, for political or humanitarian asylum, for custody or for acquiring Italian citizenship you are entitled to health care; the registration must be made at the ASL (local health care). The health care benefits are valid for your dependent family members residing in Italy on regular basis.

If you have rejoined your parents in Italy and they are more than 65 years old, they must have health insurance that covers them from any risk in Italy and be registered in the National Health Service by paying a contribution.

You can sign up voluntarily to the National Health Service if you reside in Italy on regular basis but you do not belong to the previous categories by paying an annual fee, also valid for dependent family members (for example if you have a permit for studying).

If you are "irregular" you can take advantage of ambulatory care and urgent hospital care, even continuing non-stop, for diseases and injuries and preventive medicine programs using the STP code (for temporarily staying foreign citizens).

You can not be expelled if you are a pregnant woman or within the six months after the birth of your son; you may be granted of a residence permit for medical care (including your husband, if cohabiting).

Identity Card (ID Card)

To get the ID card you must go to the registry office with:

  • No 3 identical recent photos
  • a valid passport
  • a valid residence permit

You must remember that the ID card has the same duration as the residence permit and it is not valid for traveling abroad and does not justify your stay in Italy in the absence or expiring of a residence permit, unless any particular international agreements.

Residence Card for non-EU workers in Italy

This type of residence permit is permanent and can only be claimed by those who have a residence permit from at least 5 years.

The documentation required is the same used for the renewal of residence permits, but in addition you have to provide certifications of historical residence and pending charges and criminal record, issued by the qualified prosecutor.

Residence Card for family members of non-EU workers

The documentation required is the same as that used for non-EU workers, but in addition it is mandatory to provide the certificate of marriage, the family status or birth certificate translated and authenticated by the Italian embassy in the foreign country.

To obtain a residence permit for family members, the worker must prove the following income: EUR 5,061.66 for one single person, up to three people Euro 10,123.36 and 15,185.04 euros for more than three persons for the year 2007.

Residence Card for Family Reasons / Relationship

Anyone who is related to an Italian citizen from a family relationship within the fourth line, may apply for a residence permit for family reasons.


Italian citizenship can be granted to non-EU citizens legally staying in Italy from at least 10 years.

The foreign spouse of an Italian citizen can acquire the Italian citizenship after 2 years residing in Italy on legal basis.

The foreign citizen who was born in Italy and residing legally until he comes of age, acquires Italian citizenship if within the nineteenth year of age declares its intention to acquire the Italian citizenship.

Italian citizenship can also be requested by the foreign citizen, who has at least one of the parents or an ascendants within the second line of relationship which is an Italian citizens, legally residing in Italy from at least 3 years.

The minimum income needed to obtain Italian citizenship is as follows:

  • Euro 8263.31 for one person
  • Euro 11,362.05 if spouse
  • Euro 516.46 for each additional dependent child

Registration at the registry office

To include yourself into the Registry Office you have to be an adult family member. You have to go in person to the Registry Office of the City where you have your residence and you will be given a form to fill out and sign.

The apply you must have:

  • A Residence Permit valid for more than 3 months
  • A valid passport or equivalent document
  • The Italian Tax Code
  • Registered lease
  • Self-certification of square meter of your home
  • Documents related to marital status (marriage, divorce, etc..). These documents must be either originals issued by the competent authorities of the country where the event occurred, translated into Italian and legalized, or original issued by the consular authorities in Italy signed legalized by the qualified Prefecture.